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Carolina Blanton

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Sample Image I am a talented and creative graphic designer with a bachelor’s degree in Industrial Design. I jump out of planes, raft down white water rapids and parachute off mountains but my greatest passions are art, music and cultural experiences.

I best describe my work characteristics with the three C’s of design: Clear, Creative and Consistent. I am bilingual, being fluent in Spanish and English. I have had the opportunity to design and market on five different countries. Having the exposure to many diverse cultures gives me a creative “mind’s eye” that I can tap into in order to satisfy and often transcend the expectations of clients from around the globe.

My ideal job is where creativity, positive energy, innovative talents and cool co-workers converge together in a success-minded atmosphere to deliver outstanding solutions. A job where I am able to share my individual perspectives with everyone and get positive and constructive feedback. Where I wake up every day excited about what the day holds and the projects that I'm working on. My ideal Job is do what I love to do….Create, Design and exceed expectations!

To see my resume CLICK HERE